Trainer of Financial Success

Having achieved or retained the rank of Gold for two months in a row from October through December 2009, you will receive:

  • Access to a special course: “The step-by-step system of nurturing leaders”, by Sir John Whitmore and leaders of ISIF, with the help of which you can create new Diamond groups in your business.
  • Access to webinars about coaching by the leading coaches in the world and leaders of ISIF,
    with the help of which you can improve your professional skills in the creation of new groups.
  • The unique opportunity to have a day of training, face-to-face, with Sir John Whitmore, with
    the help of which you can advance on your career ladder with ISIF, whilst increasing your travel cheques and rewards*.

The no.1 business coach in the world

Coaching is a technique which accelerates movement your towards desired goals. And a coach
is a person with the ability to help others to reach their desired goals. For example, to reach financial success.

Coaching is a powerful tool for developing leadership and employee performance beyond the typical
skill and motivational approaches to professional development.

Most importantly, it places people in the first place, not only in words, but also in practice,
and is an essential management style of the culture of successful leaders of the future.

Business coaches and ISIF Leaders

* provided that you achieve a Gold qualification in October 2009.